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You somehow convince a close friend or family member to let you borrow $1,000 to get your video on Worldstarhiphop.com. You realize that $1,000 isn't enough and ask to borrow some more money to hire a publicist to submit your song out to a few premium blogs hoping they'll do a feature. You're Set...Or So You Think.

The day you've been waiting on finally comes...Worldstarhiphop posts your video....yet you notice the view count is kind of low. You take a closer look into the comment section and realize no one is talking about your video AT ALL, and the ones that do watch it aren't just insulting you...They haven't even taken the time out to watch your video. You then check the blogs that your publicist promised would feature you but your record is no where to be found. You demand your money back but your Publicist argues that they did their job and that maybe YOU need to make better music.

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